Useful npm packages to include in your next Node.js project!

In this blog I’m going to be explaining to you some useful NPM packages to include in your next Node.js project to make your life easier!

Aside from the React/Angular, Express, and Mongoose, here are some other npm packages that can surely assist you in making your next Node project:

1. Nodemon

If you’re sick and tired of having to stop your server, and then starting it back over and over just to see some updates, Nodemon will be your savior. Node.js based applications are supported by automatically restarting the node program when detecting file changes in the directory.

2. Lodash

By taking the trouble out of dealing with arrays, numbers, objects, strings,
etc, Lodash makes JavaScript simpler. The modular methods of Lodash are perfect for:

  • Iterating arrays, objects, & strings
  • Creating composite functions
  • Manipulating & testing values

3. Jest

Jest is a testing platform for JavaScript developed and maintained by Facebook on a regular basis.

4. Mocha

Mocha is an existing testing system that has been widely adopted.Mocha is incredibly versatile, enabling you to even pick your own library of assertions. This does, however, mean that before it can be used, it needs setup and configuration.

5. Faker

Faker.js is a library for creating fake data using JavaScript. In building and testing our application, fake data is helpful. For various fields, including address, commerce, industry, date, finance, picture, random, or name, fake data can be created by Faker.js.

I hope these npm packages will help make your life a bit easier in your next Node.js project. Thanks for reading!