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  • Shaquille Clarke

    Shaquille Clarke

  • Radouane Bahi

    Radouane Bahi

    Software engineer

  • Angelo Poole

    Angelo Poole

    Junior Fullstack Developer with a passion for gaming

  • Alison Quaglia

    Alison Quaglia

    Apprentice Engineer @ Pinterest. Bridging the gap between development and design. A believer in kindness above all things. 🌱

  • Annie Liao

    Annie Liao

    Fullstack Developer: React with Rails. Currently exploring data structures, D3 visualization, and other front-end magic.

  • Tom Donovan

    Tom Donovan

  • Summer Rizzo

    Summer Rizzo

    Freshly baked programmer and general blob.

  • Sean Welsh Brown

    Sean Welsh Brown

    Full-Stack Software Engineer; using a background in Acting and Voice-Over to pursue a lifelong love of software and technology from a humanities perspective.

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