A JSON Web Token (JWT) is an open standard (RFC 7519) that specifies a compact and self-contained method for securely transmitting information as a JSON object between parties. Since it is digitally signed, this information can be checked and trusted. A hidden or a public/private key pair may be used to sign JWT.

Structure of JWT is broken up to three pieces and follows as:

Hello, in this blog, I’ll explain what Bootstrap is, the well-known CSS framework. Bootstrap has become a must-have tool for front-end developers.
Bootstrap is a large collection of reusable HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code.
It’s also a front-end development framework that enables developers and designers to quickly build fully responsive websites. If you’ve ever built a website and had to do all of the custom design with CSS, you know how time-consuming it can be. Bootstrap removes the need to write a lot of CSS code, allowing you to concentrate on web design. It’s still 100% free!

So, why is it good for developers?

Bootstrap’s Responsive Images

Bootstrap has its…

In my previous blog, I attempted to explain what Amazon Web Services (AWS) is. I discussed some aspects of cloud computing, as well as what AWS is and how it can benefit consumers with their start-ups or programming in general. In this blog, I will be providing you with some examples of what services are provided to you by AWS. So let’s begin.

1) Amazon EC2

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a computing infrastructure that allows users to run a range of application programs. It’s an AWS service that offers flexible computing power, allowing us to scale up…

If you’re an SE, or especially a Back-end Engineer / Full-Stack, you’ve definitely heard of AWS (I hope). Let us first get an overview of cloud computing before diving into the subject of AWS since cloud computing has become an integral part of businesses in all sectors today.

What is Cloud Computing?

In one of my previous blogs, I wrote about which npm packages you should include in your Node.js project. Today I’ll be helping you with some more npm packages to include in your next project!

Let’s get started:

  1. Bcrypt

If you’re a SE, you’ve probably came across thing thing called Postman, especially if you’re dealing with an API. In another article, I talked about what an API was, and in this blog I’m going to be talking about how Postman can help you work with an API.

So what is Postman?

When trying to dissect RESTful APIs made by others or evaluate those you have developed yourself, Postman is a great tool. It provides a sleek user interface in which to make HTML requests, just to test the functionality of an API without the hassle of writing a bunch of code.

For instance…

In this blog I’m going to be explaining to you some useful NPM packages to include in your next Node.js project to make your life easier!

Aside from the React/Angular, Express, and Mongoose, here are some other npm packages that can surely assist you in making your next Node project:

1. Nodemon

If you’re sick and tired of having to stop your server, and then starting it back over and over just to see some updates, Nodemon will be your savior. Node.js based applications are supported by automatically restarting the node program when detecting file changes in the directory.

2. Lodash

Credit for photo: https://www.mongodb.com/brand-resources

In my previous blogs I wrote about MEAN/MERN stack, and Node.js. If you noticed, there’s a specific NoSQL database I mentioned, that database being MongoDB. In this blog I’m going to help you understand what MongoDB is and what it’s used for. The document model of MongoDB is simple to learn and use for developers, while still providing all the capabilities needed at any scale to meet the most complex requirements. Not only does MongoDB provide support for JavaScript, but it also supports 10+ different languages, such as: C, C++, C#, Java, Node. js, etc.

Differences between MongoDB/NoSQL vs. SQL:

  • SQL databases come with fixed…

Credit for photo: https://www.valuecoders.com/blog/technology-and-apps/mean-vs-mern-stack-who-will-win-the-war/

If you’re a Full-Stack Developer/SE, you’ve probably come across these terms before, but if you haven’t, I’m going to explain to you what these two are, and what their purpose is. Before we get into talking about MEAN vs. MERN, let’s talk about a stack. People often refer to the term “stack” when speaking of the combination of programming languages, and software underneath the project they’re working on. A tech stack is basically the frameworks, languages, and software used to create said project.

When referring to a Full-Stack Dev, they can easily switch between Front-end and Back-end development roles based…

If you’re a full-stack developer, and trying to make a full-stack application through Node.js, Express will make your life 100x easier. If you don’t know what Express is, it’s what Ruby-on-Rails/Sinatra is to Ruby, or what Django is to Python.

Express is a light-weight web application framework to help organize your application into an MVC architecture on the server side. It’s also the most popular Node framework, and is the underlying library for other popular Node web frameworks. Usually Express is paired with MongoDB, but can also be paired with whatever database your heart desires. If you’ve ever heard of…

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